Civil Engineering the oldest non-military profession usually includes a variety of engineering specialties like structural engineering, transportation systems, fluid mechanics, water resources, geo-systems,environmental engineering, etc. Civil Engineerswork in a broad spectrum of engineering situations and find employment opportunities in both public and private sectors. Civil engineers work with construction firms, manufacturing companies, power companies, the petroleum industry, mining concerns, and with consulting engineering firms. Many opportunities for civil engineering employment exist in district, provincial and federal engineering departments and in various agencies of the government. The Department of Civil Engineering has been established in 2014 at the Abasyn University Peshawar Campus. Currently this department offers program of BE in Civil Engineering. The Department is equipped and staffed to offer MS and PhD programs in Civil Engineering and its various specialties and sub-specialties in the near future.

Mission Statement:

Excel as a seat of learning for research, innovation and excellence in civil engineering. Provide quality education in civil engineering fundamentals, applications, and skills that prepares competent graduates for successful professional careers.

Program Educational Objectives:

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are focused on to produce civil engineering graduates who:

  • Demonstrate competence in civil engineering profession by applying in-depth knowledge and technical skills with global and sustainable perspectives.
  • Practice civil engineering profession with integrity and commitment to societal and moral responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and management skills in workplace.
  • Demonstrate engagement in enhancing professional skills and exhibit quest for professional development.

Program Learning Outcomes:

The PLOs are adopted from the PEC accreditation manual (2014) are as under:

  • Engineering knowledge
  • Analysis of problems
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Problem investigation
  • Modern tool usage
  • Impact on society
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Professional ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Lifelong learning ability

Department Programs


Civil Engineering, the oldest non-military profession usually includes a variety of engineering specialities like struct