Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BSMLT)

Medical laboratory technology is one of the most rapidly expanding health care fields. As a medical laboratory technician, you will play an increasingly important role in health care delivery. The MLT Program provides extensive training, including a clinical internship with supervised work experience. This qualifies graduates to run clinical tests required by physicians to make life-affecting decisions in patient care.


Year 1 Semester 1

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT107 Biochemistry - I 3+1 None
LT102 Human Physiology - I 3+1 None
LT103 Human Anatomy - I 3+1 None
SS104 Functional English 3+0 None
SS108 Islamic Studies 2+0 None
CS100 Introduction to Computing 2+1 None

Year 1 Semester 2

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT117 Biochemistry - II 3+0 LT107
LT112 Human Physiology-II 3+1 LT102
LT113 Human Anatomy-II 3+1 LT103
SS203 English-II 3+0 SS104
SS118 Pak Studies 2+0 None
LT207 Medical Microbiology -I(For Non-MLT Students) 2+1 None

Year 2 Semester 3

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT201 General Pathology-I 2+1 None
LT202 General Pharmacology-I 2+1 None
LT203 Clinical Bacteriology 2+1 None
LT204 Hematology-1 2+1 None
LT205 Human Genetics 2+1 None
SS211 Communication Skills 3+0 SS104
LT217 Medical Microbiology -II(For Non-MLT Students) 2+1 LT207

Year 2 Semester 4

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT220 General Pharmacology-I 2+1 LT201
LT211 General Pathology-II 2+1 LT202
LT212 RBC Disorders 2+1 None
LT213 Clinical Virology And Mycology 2+1 None
LT214 Chemical Pathology 2+1 None
LT215 Behavioral Sciences 2+0 None
LT216 Hematology-II(Non MLT Students) 2+1 LT204

Year 3 Semester 5

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT301 WBC and Platelets Disorders 2+1 None
LT302 Histopathology 2+1 None
MT210 Biostatstcs 3+0 None
LT304 Clinical Parasitology 2+1 None
LT305 Clinical Pathology 2+1 None
LT306 Biotechnology 3+0

Year 3 Semester 6

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT307 Medical Laboratory Instrumentatons 2+1 None
LT346 Bioinformatcs 1+2 None
LT309 Immunology & Serology 2+1 None
SS401 Research Methodology & Professional Ethics 3+0 None
LT311 Blood Banking 2+1 None
LT312 Advance in Medical Laboratory Technology 1+2 None

Year 4 Semester 7

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT401 Medical Laboratory Management Skills 2+1 None
LT402 Fundamentals of Infecton Control 1+1 None
LT403 Molecular Biology 2+1 None
LT404 Epidemiology 2+0 None
LT405 Systemic Diagnostc Bacteriology 2+1 None
LT410 Cytology and Cytogenetcs 2+1 None

Year 4 Semester 8

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
LT499 Research Project 6+0 None
LT490 Seminar 1+0 None
LT408 Medical Sociology 2+1 None
LT409 Bioethics 1+1 None


Students are required to take courses from this list.

Code Title CrHrs

List of elective courses may be revised as per requirement.