Bachelor of Technology (Civil)

The Bachelor of Technology commonly abbreviated as B.Tech is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of four year program of studies. This degree program is additionally supplemented by either occupational placements like supervised practice and internships.

  • To provide the quality of education in the field of Civil Technology.
  • To enable the students to work in the Industrial Environment.
  • To enable the graduate to understand planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of urban and rural Infrastructure.
Eligibility Criteria
The Candidate must have at least 45% in DAE (Electrical /Electronics/Civil/Mechanical) OR FSc (Pre-Engineering)


Year 1 Trimester 1

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MT101 Calculus - I 3+0 None
CT200 Concrete Technology 2+1 None
NS201 Applied Physics 3+0 None
CS100 Computer Fundamentals 2+1 None

Year 1 Trimester 2

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MT102 Calculus- II 3+0 None
SS202 Communication Skills 2+0 None
CT123 Surveying - I 2+1 None
SS120 Pak Studies 2+0 None
CT125 Engineering Geology 3+0 None

Year 1 Trimester 3

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT131 Surveying- II 2+1 None
CT133 Material & Method of Construction 3+0 None
CT203 Differential Equations 3+0 None
SS121 Islamic Studies 2+0 None

Year 2 Trimester 4

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MT211 Complex Variables & Transform 3+0 None
CT212 Soil Mechanics - I 2+1 None
CT126 Fluid Mechanics - I 3+0 None

Year 2 Trimester 5

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT221 Theory of Structures - I 2+1 None
CT222 Soil Mechanics - 2 2+1 None
CT223 Material Testing Repair and Maintenance 2+1 None
CT220 Fluid Mechanics - II 3+0 None

Year 2 Trimester 6

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT231 Highway and Transportation Engineering - I 2+1 None
CT233 Foundation and Pavements 2+1 None
CT234 Theory of Structures - II 2+1 None
CT332 Water Supply and Waste Water Management - I 2+1 None

Year 3 Trimester 7

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT311 Water Supply and Waste Water Management – II 2+1 None
CT312 Highway and Transportation Engineering – II 2+1 None
CT313 Introduction to Earth quake Engineering 3+0 None

Year 3 Trimester 8

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT321 Irrigation and Hydraulic Structure 2+1 None
CT322 Reinforced Concrete Structures - I 2+1 None
CT323 Hydrology - I 2+1 None

Year 3 Trimester 9

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT331 Hydrology - II 2+1 None
CT332 Reinforced Concrete Structures - II 2+1 None
CT333 Steel Structures - I 3+0 None
MT333 Numerical Analysis 3+0 None

Year 4 Trimester 10

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT411 Steel Structures – II 3+0 None
CT412 Quantity Surveying & Contract Document 3+0 None
CT413 Engineering Economics 3+0 None

Year 4 Trimester 11

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT421 Industrial Training Program (ITP- 1) 0+6 None
CH422 Industrial Management 2+0 None
EH423 Engineering Drawing 0+2 None

Year 4 Trimester 12

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CT431 Industrial Training Program (ITP – 2) 0+6 None
SS432 Technical Report Writing 2+0 None
CT433 Project 0+6 None