Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)

To provide the students with a basic knowledge in fields of commerce and give them awaerness about the prevailing business envirnmoent, thus enabling them to seek higher education and to make a contribution to their chosen fields of endeavor.
B.Com (4 Semester, 2 years)
No of courses = 20
Credit Hours = 60


Year 1 Semester 1

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MT100 Basic Mathematics 3 None
MG100 Financial Accounting I 3 None
SS108 Islamic Studies/ Ethics (For non Muslims) 3 None
SS104 Functional English 3+0 None
CS100 Introduction to Computing 2+1 None
SS118 Pakistan Studies 3+0 None

Year 1 Semester 2

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MG104 Microeconomics 3 None
MT104 Business Mathematics 3 None
SS216 introduction to Sociology 3+0 None
SS203 English-II(Communication Skills) 3+0 None
MG108 Introduction to Management 3 None

Year 2 Semester 3

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MG206 Business Finance 3 None
MG209 Principles of Marketing 3 None
MG115 Introduction to HRM 3 None
MG310 Business Taxation 3 None
MG214 Business Economics 3 None

Year 2 Semester 4

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MG245 Organizational Behavior 3 None
MG311 Auditing 3 None
MG301 Financial Management 3 None
CS204 Management Information System 3 None
MG312 Cost Accounting 3 None


Students are required to take courses from this list.

Code Title CrHrs

List of elective courses may be revised as per requirement.