Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

The BS Computer Science program is an important degree program at the campus. The program is designed very carefully to prepare students for the ever-changing computing industry. The BSCS program provides students with a broad range of computer knowledge and practical skills required in most of today businesses and industries. This program provides the following benefits and opportunities to the students:

  • 1. Strong foundation in the computing discipline.
  • 2. Hands-on practices suitable for employment.
  • 3. A number of specialization areas.
  • 4. Industrial internship program during study.
  • 5. Foreign qualified and experienced faculty.


Year 1 Semester 1

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS100 Introduction to Computing 3+0 None
CS106 Intro. to Computing Programming 3+1 CS100
SS-104 English-I (Comprehension) 3+0 None
NS-101 Applied Physics 2+1 None
MT112 Calculus-I 3+0 MT100
SS108 Islamic Studies/ Ethics (For non Muslims) 2+0 None

Year 1 Semester 2

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS200 Object Oriented Programing 4 CS106
SS203 English-II(Communication Skills) 3+0 SS104
MT114 Calculus-II 3+0 MT112
EE200 Digital Logic Design 3+1 NS-101
SS118 Pakistan Studies 2+0 None

Year 2 Semester 3

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS251 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 3+1 EE200
CS210 Data Structure & Algorithms 3+1 CS200
SE242 Software Engineering 3+0 None
MT221 Linear Algebra 3+0 None
SS216 introduction to Sociology 3+0 None

Year 2 Semester 4

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS385 Database Management Systems 3+1 CS210
CS221 Web Programming Language 3+0 None
CS304 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 3+0 CS210
MG100 Fundamental of Accounting 3+0 None
SS218 Introduction to Psychology 3+0 None

Year 3 Semester 5

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS303 Operating System Concepts 3+1 CS210
CS342 Visual Programming 3+0 CS200
MT201 Discrete Structure 3+0 MT100
CS310 Theory of Automata 3+0 None
SS401 Research Methodology & Professional Ethics 3+0 None
CS208 Modern Programming Languages 3+0 None

Year 3 Semester 6

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS375 Mobile Application Development 3+0 CS200
CS306 Computer Networks 3+1 None
CS307 Artificial Intelligence 3+1 CS210
MT301 Statistics and Probability 3+0 None
SS211 English-III(Technical Report Writing) 3+0 SS203

Year 4 Semester 7

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
CS422 Distributed and Parallel Computing 3+0 CS213
CS401 Compiler Construction 3+0 CS310
MTxxx Graph Theory 3+0 None
MT302 Numerical Computing 3+0 None
CS499 Final Project I 0+3 None

Year 4 Semester 8

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MG403 Entrepreneurship 3+0 None
CS390 Information Security 3+0 None
CS443 Digital Image Processing 3+0 None
CS499 Final Project II 0+3 CS499 (P-I)


Students are required to take courses from this list.

Code Title CrHrs
CS468 Microprocessor Interfacing 3+0
CS409 Network Security and Encryption 3+0
CS454 Real-time systems 3+0
CS452 Distributed Computing 3+0
CS450 Design Pattern 3+0
CS448 Software Engineering Economics 3+0
CS447 Software Metrics 3+0
CS405 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3+0
CS468 Mobile Communication 3
CS444 System Programming 3
CS483 Embedded Systems 3
CS456 Wireless Communication 3
CS410 Fuzzy Logic 3+0
CS463 Artificial Neural Networks 3
CS427 Advanced Computer Network 3+0
CS411 Concept of Programming Language 3
CS412 Advance Network Security 3
CS395 Java Programming 3
CS309 Distributed Database System 3
CS442 Oracle Programming 3
CS443 Digital Image Processing 3+0
SE318 Formal Methods 3+0
CS400 Digital Signal Processing 3+0
CS399 Machine Vision 3+0
CS401 Compiler Construction 3+0
MT302 Numerical Computing 3+0
CS462 Bio-Informatics 3+0
CS443 Web-Engineering 3+0
CS424 Software Project Management 3+0

List of elective courses may be revised as per requirement.