A B.Ed degree is designed to cater the need of candidates who want to be an educationist but possess no background knowledge in this field. A two years degree program provides a golden opportunity to students to gain enough knowledge in this field. Students graduated with B.Ed will be able to work decently in this field.


Aspiring for a transformative impact on society through academic excellence and growth.


To build a nationwide knowledge community through quality education, relevance, critical thinking, creativity, research, and a high sense of social responsibility To create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem-solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being. To impact society in a transformative way — regionally, nationally, and globally — by engaging with partners outside the traditional borders of the university campus.

Department Programs

Master of Philosophy in Education (M.Phill Education)

The major aim of this degree program is to provide an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge in the field of education...