Placement & Liaison Centre (PLC)

In the modern era of technological education it is important to promote the industry, academia linkages and research based teaching practices in order to keep the pace with latest knowledge evolving globally. Abasyn University has established the Placement & Liaison Centre (PLC) in 2018 to promote the industrial consultancy works, sponsored research projects to promote the industry and academia interaction. The role of Liaison is to build and maintain strong Academia Industry Linkages with the focus on promoting and making Abasyn University graduates the premium choice for the employers. PLC has direct bearing on commercial activities.


  • Develop and maintain industry linkages and identify specific industry partners for the ongoing research at Abasyn University.
  • PLC closely works with the leadership team to recruit new industry partners. It’s done by networking and actively seeking opportunities for industrial participation, in research as well as in educational activities.
  • Acquisition of job opportunities/ placement from industry and handling all activities to facilitate identification and coordination for placement of Abasyn University graduates.
  • Facilitation of internship including acquisition of internship slots and coordinating with industry.
  • PLC organize a periodic meeting with their industry partners.
  • Conduct employers sessions.
  • Coordinate and promote alumni activities.


  • To develop new opportunities partnership most effectively. AUP is also looking to increase its activities with a local industry organization.
  • Continuously improving the research infrastructure, in pursuit of excellence in frontiers of knowledge.
  • Focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and socially relevant projects.
  • PLC communicate/interact with industries and other organizations requesting internship and jobs opportunities.
  • Develop linkages with government, industry, academia, and alumni for knowledge generation, dissemination and application.
  • PLC arranges a seminar, conferences, and training for students.

Student Development Workshops

Increased competition has given rise to the need for students to work harder, smarter and to adapt quickly to changes than ever before. Employers now have higher expectations of all current and future employees. Understanding the importance of soft skills, the PLC continuously conducts Student Development Workshops that help students to polish their skills and become all-rounders.

Recruitment Drives

Placement & Liaison Centre facilitates any recruiting partner who wishes to conduct recruitment activities. These drives give employers the opportunity to conduct tests, interviews, group discussions and company presentation. Recruitment drives are organized by PLC as well as upon students’ request.