Office Of Research

At the Office of Research we believe in Enhancing Research excellence and creativity, for this purpose we have already introduced a research culture at Abasyn University and we are building upon our current level of research activity by supporting our researchers and not only growing further in our unique areas of research but also identifying other research areas which need special attention.

To get our goals

  • We are recruiting and retaining high profile researchers by giving them the best possible research environment, since it is a key to attract high profile researchers to our institution that can work for us for longer periods.
  • Our main emphasis is on supporting researchers at all levels, from professionals to young researchers to students, as we all know that intellectual contribution is a must for research to be formed in the perfect shape. We believe that if favourable environment is given one can benefit from the best ideas which are a starting point for a research. We have been supporting the activity of research by increasing the number of funded research programmes at all levels.
  • Research needs time, so we are ensuring that researcher/teachers and students have enough time for the research to be conducted to get the research targets for this we have allocated more resources at Abasyn University
  • To show the students the benefits of entrepreneurship and encourage them to pursue research oriented activities, we have been organizing seminars.
  • We have set our research targets and to get those targets we need to strengthen our collaboration and partnership with different organizations nationally and internationally so we could gain the needed recognition.
  • To get the best possible recognition and to project effectively our hard work, research and innovation we have been in contact with different relevant organizations which would help us in getting the required funding, in supplementing us in our policy making and it would give us a cutting edge thinking which would help us act strategically in the field of research and innovation.
  • We have been projecting our quality research work through different means by publishing in top level journals and show casing it in the most prestigious outlets.
  • Organizing different discussion based seminars to have a more clear understanding of our strengths, successes, potential and our unique abilities.
  • Finding out and contacting different overseas organization with shared interests and similar goals and strengths for possible collaborations, for the benefits of all stake holders
  • We are bringing transparency in our research approach by involving all stake holders including media and public and we have also introduced research data management to achieve the best practices in research by introducing ethics and integrity in our research sector.