Master of Science in Management Science (MSMGT)

MS in Management Sciences program aims at developing a student's intellectual ability in terms of understanding the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of modern business. The students are encouraged to explore the deepest, broadest questions of life: why we exist, how society should organize itself, how institutions should relate to society, and the purpose of human endeavor, to name just a few. The program is essentially research oriented and focuses on academic research having practical applications in real life. The program is suitable both for those who want to pursue academic career and for those who want to pursue professional career.

Learning Outcomes
The students will be able to:
Understand the theoretical underpinnings of the modern business activity.
Conduct research independently
Think more broadly and more deeply about the beliefs and values at the root of business activities.
Appreciate and critically evaluate different schools of thought.
Contribute towards the development of new ideas, theories and business models.


Year 1 Semester 1

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MS501 Advanced Research Methods & Quantitative Tools 3 None
MS516 Applied Statistics for Management 3 None
MSxxx Core I 3 None

Year 1 Semester 2

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MSxxx Core II 3 None
MSxxx Core III 3 None
MSxxx Elective I 3 None

Year 2 Semester 3

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MSxxx Elective III 3 None
MSxxx Thesis (I) 3 None

Year 2 Semester 4

Code Course CreditHrs Pre-Requisite
MSxxx Elective III 3 None
MSxxx Thesis (II) 3 None


Students are required to take courses from this list.

Code Title CrHrs
MS410 Advanced Quality Control Techniques 3
MS411 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
MS413 Supply Chain Management 3
MS415 Intellectual Capital Management 3
MS416 Comparative Management 3
MS417 Global Corporate Strategy 3
MS517 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
MS518 Investment & Portfolio Management 3
MS519 Organizational Bahavior Analysis 3
MS520 Leadership & Motivation Techniques 3
MS521 Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management 3
MS522 Change Management 3

List of elective courses may be revised as per requirement.