Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

Mission Statement

To uplift the poor living conditions of the common people by filling the gap between the required research and the research actually been done in our society.

Abasyn University is one of the pioneers in the region to have specific categories’ journals at its name, that has been published so far and is also continuously playing its active part in serving the purpose of research and innovation in the region by encouraging students and faculty members by actively conducting research conferences, seminars and discussions at national and international levels. University has been actively involved in different research projects in collaboration with different national and international institutions to help enhance economic, social and intellectual uplift of the common people.

We have produced some notable research in different subjects which include Engineering, life sciences, social sciences and emerging sciences. We will continue to utilize our research portfolio that would enable our staff and students to be a part of significant achievements in research addressing key economic, societal and cultural needs, locally as well as nationally and internationally.

We are working strategically to bring a full fledge culture of collaboration in Abasyn University between the departments , it would enable us to take full advantage from each other research experiences, and contribute towards the mutual success in the field of research and innovation.

External funding plays very important role in any research activity and we have been successful in attracting funding from different organizations for our quality research and innovation projects although more work is needed to attract the desired funds. We also have a growing portfolio of Engineering activity and consultancy work.

HEC has been guiding universities to pave the research and innovation paths so it could benefit all the stakeholders in the country, like other universities we also received important guidelines from HEC to form the (ORIC) office of Research, innovation and commercialization at Abasyn University.

ORIC at Abasyn University is sub- divided into

  • Office of Research
  • Office of Innovation
  • Office of Commercialization