Covid-19 SOPs of Abasyn University Peshawar

Dear Students/ Faculty and Staff On behalf of the Abasyn University Peshawar Campus, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Campus after the Covid-19 pandemic. The university premises shall be open on September 15, 2020, for educational activities and access to the laboratory and library to cover your educational activities /deficiencies. For a smooth return, you are advised to follow the following SoPs.
Covid-19 SOPs:
All campus community members, including faculty, staff, and students, are expected to adhere to the following guidelines to protect the health of its students, faculty, and staff
• Entry from the main gate of the campus is restricted without a mask.
• Wear a mask at all times when in a public space on campus.
• Avoid handshakes and limit physical contact
• Maintain social/ physical distancing in classrooms, laboratories, libraries, cafeterias, offices, corridors, staircases, and lifts.
• Maintain good hygiene practices. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer, dry the hands before leaving the bathroom. Use a tissue (and dispose of it properly) or your elbow's crook when coughing or sneezing.
• Use only the designated entrances and exits.
• Review the latest updates and general guidance provided by the University on the web portal to be designed specifically for updating COVID related information.
• Use communal facilities, e.g., kitchens, canteens, meeting rooms, only following the designated protocols.
• Obey all restrictions on the use of communal equipment such as printers and photocopiers.
• Maintain and update a daily contacts diary: you must record where you go, when, and who you see while on campus.
• Limit your movements. Try not to move around the campus too much. Stick to your own space as much as possible.