Message From The Director Of ORIC

Research and Innovation play very important role in the economic growth of any country, these two important elements help the common people enjoy the luxuries of yesterday, and at a price they can easily afford, but unfortunately the required research has never been done in our society and there has always been a gap between the required research and the research actually been done.

Our Universities can play an integral role in bridging this gap by not only encouraging research but also help reach the benefits of the research to the common people of this country by innovation and commercialization.

Keeping in mind the integral part, research, innovation and commercialization can play in our society to uplift the poor living conditions of the masses, our office fully supports the required research, innovation and commercialization culture in our institution, and to get the required results we are stream lining the activities to help stimulate this culture, culture of research.

Mr Khalid Bilal

Director ORIC