Abasyn Recent Publications

Dr. Muhammad Salman1, Assistant Professor Microbiology & Biotechnology Hepatitis C Virus prevalence in District Shangla and Evaluation o Screening Tests for Anti-HCV (Pakistan Journal of Zoology) . May 2018 (Impact Factor: 0.547).
Dr. Waqas Ahmed Imtiaz, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineeering Design of high capacity spectral amplitude coding OCDMA system with single photo-diode detection technique .(Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering) June 2018 (Impact Factor: 1.092).
Mr. Muhammad Musiab Aleem Dildar, Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Design & thermal modeling of solar panel module with embedded reconfigurable Air-Coil for micro-satellites .(PLOS ONE) July 2018 (Impact Factor: 2.766).
Dr. Muhammad Khurram, Professor, Pharmacy Berberine nanoparticles with enhanced in vitro bioavailability: characterization and antimicrobial activity. .(Drug Design, Development and Therapy) February 2018 (Impact Factor: 2.935).
Professor Dr. Syed Umar Farooq, Management Sciences Hide-and-seek in corporate disclosure: evidence from negative corporate incidents .(Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society) August 2018 (Impact Factor: ESCI).
Dr. Naseem Ullah, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Domperidone nanocrystals with boosted oral bioavailability: fabrication, evaluation and molecular insight into the polymer-domperidone nanocrystal interaction .(Drug Delivery and Translational Research) November 2018 (Impact Factor: 3.395).
Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Seismic risk assessment for developing countries: Pakistan as case study .(Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration) October 2018 (Impact Factor: 0.847).
Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Seismic vulnerability of non-ductile RC buildings in Pakistan through stochastic analysis of design/construction deficiencies .(Bulletin of Earthquake Engineeriing) September 2018 (Impact Factor: 2.036).
Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Theoretical and experimental analysis of multifunctional high performance cement mortar matrices reinforced with varying lengths of carbon fibers .(Materials de Construction) October 2018 (Impact Factor: 1.803).
Samina Zuhra, Lecturer, Computing and Technology Simulation of bioconvection in the suspension of second grade nanofluid containing nanoparticles and gyrotactic microorganisms .(AIP Advances) October 2018 (Impact Factor: 1.653).
Dr. Waqas Ahmed Imtiaz, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Improved optoelectronics performance of green light emitting diodes by employing GaAIInN quantum wells electron blocking layer .(Physica E: Low dimensional systems and nanostructures) October 2018 (Impact Factor: 2.399).
Dr. Waqas Ahmed Imtiaz, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Design an efficient SAC-OCDMA system based on coherent and incoherent optical sources to reduce capital expenditure .(Optical and Quantum Electronics) November 2018 (Impact Factor: 1.168).
Dr. Waqas Ahmed Imtiaz, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Two dimensional fixed right shift (FRS) code for SAC OCDMA systems .(Optical Fiber Technology) November 2018 (Impact Factor: 1.350).
Umar Farooq Sahibzada, Dept. of Management Sciences In search of quality: Measuring higher education service quality (HiEduQual).(Total Quality Management & Business Excellence) June 2017 (Impact Factor: ESCI).
Dr. Waqar Alam, Associate Prof., Dept. Of Management Sciences Development and validation of a multi-dimensional customer-based scale to measure perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR).(Social Responsibility Journal) July 2018 (Impact Factor: ESCI).
Mr. Rashid Kamal, Lecturer, Dept of Comupting Emotion classification and crowd source sensing: A lexicon based approach.(IEEE Access) January 2019 (Impact Factor: 3.557).
Dr. M. Salman, Asst. Prof., Microbiology & Biotechnology Dengue outbreaks in KPK, Pakistan in 2017: An integrated disease surveillance and response system (IDSRS) Based report.(Polish Journal of Microbiology) January 2019 (Impact Factor: 0.784).
Dr. M. Rizwan, Asst. Prof., Microbiology & Biotechnology Leuteolin, a flavonoid, as an anticancer agent.(Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy) January 2019 (Impact Factor: 3.457).
Dr. Waqas Ahmad Imtiaz, Electrical Engineering Analysis of noise suppression for OCDMA systems with fixed in phase cross-correlation codes and single O/E converter.(Optik) February 2019 (Impact Factor: 1.191).
Dr. Waqas Ahmad Imtiaz, Electrical Engineering Design and implementation of two-dimensional enhanced multi-diagonal code for high cardinality OCDMA-PON.(Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering) February 2019 (Impact Factor: 1.092).
Dr. Habib Ullah Jan, Microbiology & Biotechnology Genome-wide haplotype analysis improves trait predictions in Brassica napus hybrids.(Plant Science) March 2019 (Impact Factor: 3.712).