Intellectual Property (IP)


Abasyn University takes special interest in commercialization of IP for the mutual benefits of students, researchers, staff and university .our policy is to take care of every stake holder involved in the development of a specific idea, product or piece of writing. We are striving to be fair to all the parties involved to encourage them to take part in the whole process for the betterment of the society and to transfer the benefits of new research, innovation and developments to the common people.

Importance of IP and research

In the progress of any society scholarly /creative work plays a very important role, it not only gives the scholar a boost in his/her career but it also forms basis for further research for the betterment of the whole society. So university gives the IP rights in accordance with the University rules, to the person/persons contributed to a specific piece of work. University helps them fully in contacting the external authorities in bringing the scholarly work to light.

Importance of the IP

Research funding is the life blood of any research, commercialization and generating IP. If the University is required to sign an agreement with a funding body to share the outcomes of the research or rights of the IP then the students or researchers would be asked to sign an agreement, it would help Abasyn University to be in a better position to get those funds.

Inventor’s Role

Special care needs to be taken while developing or innovating, since commercialization and IP rights are involved. So to be on the safe side students must fill the disclosure form to give all the information about any development/invention /innovation they want to commercialize and generate the IP.

University’s Role

The University has a right to use scholarly work or a part of it in any publication but needs to acknowledge and identify the names of the authors, contributed to that specific creative work or writing. The University would keep all the information confidential, information would not be copied, duplicated or distributed except of using it for the University own benefit but it would still take permission from the writer.

In certain circumstances University would require the IP rights to be able to deal with external Organizations in the process of IP, and then the University would ask the researchers to give the University IP rights for a specific time.

That being said IP needs to be protected so that the main benefits go to the person/persons worked hard to innovate or create a certain piece of work, so for these reasons we take every possible step to protect the commercialization by the means of patents, and if any of the work or innovation has not been developed fully, it would not be disclosed to any external party.

If there any more than one person involved in a specific research and they have no written agreement then all of them would be considered being equal partners in the IP.

If staff or students want to use any specific IP, in any external venture then they need to take written permission from the University regardless of , if they were a part of that specific project or not.

If there is a controversial IP, and there is doubt, that who owns it or who owns what percentage then University’s decision would be considered the final one.

The University would require every student or staff who is working on a specific development to sign an agreement about commercialization and IP to be able to fight any lawsuit if needed in the present or in the future.

The members of staff who are requested by the students to commercialize their products, are required to give them all possible information about the IP rules of the University, if the students still have confusion, they can feel free to contact the office of commercialization or any other concern office to be able to get the full information before any proceedings.

Special care needs to be taken by students and staff before using any IP which is owned by the University, none can use Abasyn University’s name or logo to project their work without the written permission from the University, otherwise necessary actions would be taken by the University to rectify any such acts.

Role of Students and Inventors

We understand the importance of Commercialization and creating IP, and the importance of the creators to be a part of the whole process, so we believe in making them an active part of the whole process, so they are encouraged to come with their own ideas and inputs, for the whole process to be very smooth and the end result to be very productive. The creators can get legal advice before proceeding with the act of commercialization and IP if they want. After the agreement between Developer/developers University would prepare the required documents to file for the registration of the IP to protect the rights related to it.

Role of Office of Commercialization

Office of commercialization would act on behalf of the University to act as a guardian of the IP agreements, our office would enforce, maintain and implement required actions to protect the rights of all parties.