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In this age of knowledge based rapid socio-economics developmnet,the establishment of standard educational institions of higher learning is a pre-requisite for producing graduates,equipped with state-of-art learning and skills.This is the universal conclusion for socio-economic development with which the development socities across the world are progressing too.

We in Pakistan also cannot remaincomplacent in the tough competitive environment amongst nations as well as individuals for creating niche for themselves by creating and following innovative ideas and result oriented initiatives based on dedicated and devoted struggles in all fields of activity.With the grace of all mighty ALLAH we do not have any dearth of young men and women possessing high degree of talent and I am sure,after acquiring the desired level of qulifications,the graduates of Abasyn University,too,will prove themselves efficient partner in the rank of their counterparts graduating from both the public and private sector institutions of higher learning and server their country from the different organizations and institutions.

I wish the students,teacher and the management of Abasyn University good luck in their endeavors to achieve excellence in their respective fields,on leaving the portals of their ‘almamater’ which besides their parents and the nations also owe a lot to the graduates to make positive contribution for ensuring better future for them.May Allah bless us all with the vision and determination to dedicate ourselves oue dear homeland,Pakistan to the utmost.Ameen.!

Engineer shaukatullah khan

Governor KPK/Patron

The socio-economic development of Pakistan and its people depends entirely upon the dedication and hard work of knowledge workers. The Universities in Pakistan are charged with responsibility of producing quality graduates whole, after entering practical life, play their role in ensuring prosperity in our country.

In order to enable Universities to achieve excellence in dissemination of knowledge in Science, Technology and Social Sciences, the Higher Education Commission has been facilitating institutions of higher learning and has enhanced their capacity to produce graduates to contribute intellectually and socially to the community.

One cannot remain oblivious to the fact that without scientific and technological development, Pakistan cannot march ahead and compete in the world-market. Therefore, we need to put in an extra effort for catching up with the developed countries of the world within shortest possible time.

All those responsible for furthering the cause of higher education in Pakistan must ensure that the end-product of our degree-awarding institutions possess the highest quality to lead the nation towards progress and prosperity.

I hope Abasyn University will, as an institution of higher learning, help in achieving the targets set forth in various spheres of activity, and wish them success.

Dr.javaid R.Laghari

Chairman Higher Education Commission

Education is the core value of a nation, and the function of an educational institution is not only to take care of an individual’s academic growth but also to take charge of his/her personal, social, mental, psychological, and spiritual maturity for overall learning and transformation. Only an institution which takes care of all these dynamics can shape a true scholar and a true professional, and Abasyn University is one of its kind in this realm.

Abasyn University, established in 2007 through an Act of Provincial Assembly, has now emerged as a sustainable organization with the grace of Almighty and the committed efforts of the faculty and the management. Within a short span of time, the university has made a number of achievements including a thriving campus at Islamabad, and one in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE which will be operational as soon as HEC gives a green signal.

This is heartening to know that apart from excelling in academic standards, students of Abasyn University actively participate in diverse socio-cultural activities of high standards such as tree plantation, traffic education, blood donation, youth awareness, and community service campaigns, drives, and projects to nurture exceptional values of social importance. The University, energized by its distinguished faculty and strengthened by its brilliant students, now stands in the highest echelons of education in the country and strives to forge new paths for a brighter tomorrow of Pakistan.

I would like to congratulate the faculty and management of the University for their efforts being rewarded in terms of recognition of D-Pharmacy Discipline by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. This is going to be a historical year for Abasyn University as the university has planned its first convocation which will be held in May 2014, In-sha-Allah.

I pray to Allah to crown our endeavours with success!

Muhammad Imran Ullah

Transformation from school and college set-up into a university marks the beginning of a focused yet ceaseless endeavor. The decision on choice of a university requires great care in the light of aptitude, relevance, scope, and career prospects. I find it heartening to fill you in on the academic and professional culture of the Abasyn University that promises a balanced combine of attributes one may consider in the choice of seat for higher and professional education. At Abasyn one finds all the three stakeholders— management, faculty, and students—engaged in a ceaseless endeavour to set new standards and seek new horizons in higher education and to produce professionals with a new orientation who can stimulate and lead the industrial transformation of the country.

Abasyn University is a compact, close-knit community of highly skilled and ambitious professionals with student-centric teaching approach, congenial atmosphere, objective-based learning environment and supportive arrangements for co-curricular and extracurricular activities which motivate students to learn and grow in academics. At both the campuses (Peshawar and Islamabad), you will find the academic staff with substantial industry, research and teaching experience. The curriculum of all academic disciplines is designed in collaboration with particular industry advisers to be at par with the current global requirements. Abasyn is a forward-looking University working in the new economic environment of the early twenty-first century with an eye for globalization, innovation and entrepreneurship as the key features of this new environment. Keeping this in view, Abasyn integrates emerging international issues/experiences/standards into its degree programs wherever required and prioritizes the grooming and training of mind over cramming it with facts and information. The University believes in expanding the intellectual horizons of its students rather than merely focusing on their technical skills. The management and faculty strive to imbibe in the students the desire to question established notions, improve upon cherished traditions, and broaden the scope of social and academic values.

Abasyn University has a vision based on five parameters – quality teaching, research, internationalization, industrial liaison, and career & job placement. Following this vision, the university has now planned to open an international campus in UAE which has been approved in principle by HEC. I am hopeful that the campus will be operational very soon thus providing an opportunity to you to transfer your credit hours to UAE campus. The university has also signed MoUs with a number of Turkish Universities to extend its academic circle to European countries.

Graduating from Abasyn means growing curiosity, innovation, creativity, and excellence. For we not only emphasize on critical thinking and intellectual analysis but also nurture academic excellence, promote social inclusiveness, foster a sense of civility, protect academic freedom, cultivate individual integrity, instill academic honesty, advocate accountability, encourage ethical standards, allow enriching learning opportunities, and try to direct you to a gratifying career by teaching you to live by example.

I hope you enjoy your studies at the University.

Dr. Jamil Ahmad, PhD King’s College London

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