RDIL Manager Message

Message From The Manager RDIL

Welcome to the website of AUP of Research Development and Industrial Linkages. We are currently facing dramatic economic and market changes surrounding our business enterprises. In these circumstances, R&D becomes increasing important in order to overcome this unprecedented transition stage and to succeed in expanding globally. The ability to predict market needs, select and focus on research themes, keep relevant divisions working together as a team, and operate with flexibility and speed is of the highest importance. Our primary goal is to promote superior research for scholarly pursuits. Our aim is seeking Industrial Linkages development and diversification in our community.

By deepening and expanding reciprocal connections with partners, we are enriching its cultural vitality for leveraging our unique strengths, to collaborate locally, nationally and internationally.

We have built close relationships with major global customers in our expanding business fields based on our technological accomplishments and advanced R&D. Due to these relationships we have a comprehensive understanding of advanced market needs and have provided products that are de facto standards of excellence in the market.

RDIL Office connects industries, companies, organization and institutions with university resources and talents to address real-world needs promote partnerships between the public and private sectors to support Research development and workforce development, attract industry-sponsored research, protect and develop intellectual property.

Best Wishes

Muhammad Aizaz Khan

Manager, Research Development and Industrial Linkages