The purpose of this employment fair is to provide companies a large number of qualified, technical candidates trained under USAID Skills for Youth Project (SYP) and to link qualified candidates with employment opportunities.

Students from 40 partner institutes who have graduated from the project will have access to a platform where they can start their career and compete with national and international candidates. Graduate students from 9 districts will participate in this event and appear in interviews with different employers.

The job fair creates will provide students with access to corporate internships, job placement, and career information exchange for IT, Networking, CCNA(R&S) and sciences majors. Equal opportunity for females and displaced individuals.


  • To provide job placement and corporate internship opportunities
  • To increase employers’ awareness of the diverse skills that students possess
  • To introduce students to careers relevant to their course
  • To provide students the opportunity to develop communications presentation and networking skills
  • To provide an opportunity to the industry to reach out to the students
  • To bring academia and industry on one platform

Companies Present at the Fair