Department of Electrical Engineering

Fee Policy:

Students are required to pay their full semester fee at the time of admission. Students of 2nd and onward semesters are required to pay 60% of the fee before the commencement of next semester and the remaining 40% before the start of the midterm examinations.

Note: Penalty may be applied in case of failure to follow the above-mentioned fee policy.

The University is well aware of the economic conditions of the country. Therefore, the University has an exceptionally subsidized tuition fee for all of the academic programs. The fee structure varies from the program to the program. The fee is charged on a Credit hour basis during each semester. In addition to tuition fee students are also required to deposit Rs. 10,000/- as admission fee (one time) at the time of admission. A student is also required to pay Rs. 500/- per semester as a transcript fee. The student will be required to pay Rs.6000/- as the degree fee. In order to facilitate students, the amount can be paid in the last two semesters. The university reserves the right to change the fee structure without prior notice to students.

Tuition Fees at Abasyn University are quite affordable as compared to others. Details can be obtained from Admission Office or visit our website

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (BEEE) PKR 6,000/-
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) PKR 5,000/-