First Alumni Reunion

The first Abasyn Alumni Reunion was hosted by Abasyn University and attended by the notable Alumni of the University. The Alumni had the chance to meet-up their teachers and old friends. The Reunion event was attended by the Alumni emanated from different departments of the University. The Alumni had the opportunity to made new connections with the participants of the event. The governance of Abasyn Alumni Association consists of a structure that includes key positions such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Media & Liaison Coordinator and Memberships Coordinator. Election for the position of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Liaison and Media Secretary and Secretary Memberships was held on the same day through secret ballot. The Alumni cast their respective votes to their desired candidate for the positions aforementioned. Alumni registration forms were also distributed among the Alumni in which they updated their details regarding their current status of employment. The first reunion was a great success and received warm applaud from the attendees. The newly elected cabinet of the Alumni addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of Abasyn University for its relentless efforts in sustaining the nexus with its graduates and decided to convene a second gathering of the Alumni in the near future.

Photo Session