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Mr. Muhammad Haris Shams

Mr. Muhammad Haris Shams


As an Electronics Engineer and IT graduate, I am result oriented professional in digital/analog circuit design ,its simulations, along with the prior knowledge in developing Printed circuits Boards (PCB) in different software’s, with hands on experience in testing the PCB as well as digital signal processing using Matlab. Moreover, I am also professional in the field of Information Technology covering the core subjects of computer science as well. The main target is to pursue a position that will allow me to develop and explore my interests in creative design with an emphasis in the mentioned areas of Electronics. Moreover, I have some practical knowledge, which will allow me to work and to gain knowledge in the field of Electronics as well as IT. I possess first-class analytical, design and problem solving skills. I always planned my life for optimum levels of professionalism. If given a chance, I am confident that I will prove myself as a valuable asset. Furthermore, my adaptability to diverse hostile environments and managing skills make me a strong candidate to join your dynamic team.


Degree Name Specialization Institute Year
MS Electronics Design MIUN, Sundsvall, Sweden 2014
BS(IT) Information Technology N.W.F.P, UET, Peshawar 2009


Job Title Institute Job Description Years
Lecturer Abasyn University Peshawar, Pakistan Subjects taught are Basic Electronics, Software Quality Engineering, and Software Engineering. Sept 2015-Upto Date
Visiting Lecturer Sarhad University Peshawar, Pakistan Subjects taught are Microprocessor architecture and Interfacing Technologies-8051, Operating systems and Data communication and Networks Jan 2013-June 2014


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