The Department of Computing and Technology offers BS in Computer Science, Telecommunication & Networks, Software Engineering and Electronics in morning timings. The Department has also started a strong Postgraduate and Doctoral degree program. By providing a diverse range of contents in our program, we are trying to make sure that our students are fit for various career opportunities, all of which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for our rapidly developing country. Depending upon their choice, they may either join field jobs, such as Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware and Software Vendors, Consultants, Programmers, etc., or work in academic institutions as researchers or teachers.

Department Programs


The BS Computer Science program is an important degree program at the campus. The program is designed very carefully to prepare st...

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In a world where computers and software have become essential, the science of software engineering has become a very important fie...

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The main objective of this program is to produce graduates who are suitable for ICT industries such as PTCL, mobile companies, uni...

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MS in Computer Science is an advanced degree program in the area of computer sciences which is aimed at preparing students for adv...

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MS in Software Engineering program is designed very carefully to cater for the need of various stakeholders. As software engineeri...

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MS in Telecommunication and Networks is an advanced course designed to enable the students to take on the current challenges in th...

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