Office Of Commercialization

Office Of Commercialization

Office of commercialization acts as the point of contact with the industries and businesses interested in commercializing University research work. At the Office of commercialization we are basically facilitating the commercialization of the products which our students and faculty have developed. So far we have developed a few electric equipments at a very low cost and necessary steps have been taken to commercialize it to encourage research and Innovation, and further the culture of Research and innovation in our country.

1. Incubation Center

We have allocated a specific area for Incubation Center, all state of the arts facilities are available in this Center, funds are being allocated for this center. We encourage students and researcher to do their research activities in this center. We have professionals to guide and facilitate students with their projects and help them bring the brightest ideas to life and also help them to commercialize the innovative ideas.

2. Career Center

Current students and Alumni get services to enhance their careers , below are the facilities available

  • Resume/CV writing help.
  • Individual information session for current students and Alumni to help them make good career choices.
  • Sending the willing students to different institution for volunteer work to get the practical knowledge of what they have learnt in the University.
  • Giving students and Alumni good job references.

3. Center of Professional Development

It helps the

  • Faculty and other members of staff of University to make wise decisions about their careers.
  • The employees can consult about their career plans and how to implement those plans in the right way.
  • We have special funds for teachers and other members of staff to pursue their further education, and develop their skills and capabilities.
  • All needed help is given to them at no cost.