Alumni Objectives

Structure of Abasyn Alumni Association (AAA)

The structure of Abasyn Alumni Association (AAA) of a board that consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Memberships Coordinator and Media and Liaison Coordinator. The designated members of the Alumni Association regularly meets to discuss and plan events designed to strengthen the presence of Alumni on campus. The structure of AAA is governed by a set of rules and certain responsibilities assigned to its board members. All members other than categorized as general members shall be elected through a direct vote by the Alumni. The President is elected for a period of one year and cannot serve in that capacity for more than two consecutive terms (i.e., a maximum of two years provided he/she is re-elected through direct vote for the second time). Besides President, rules regarding the election and the tenure for the position of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary Membership and Secretary Media & Liaison are similar to the ones that apply to the President. The entire cabinet of the Alumni shall be re-elected upon completion of its first term after one year period by a direct majority vote in the presence of Alumni. The Alumni Association may advice the President regarding potential positions for future expansion of the Alumni Association.

Duties & Responsibilities of the Board Members

1. President

  • Maintains communication with Secretary Liaison
  • Leads the Association in achieving its goals and expectations
  • Gathers regular Alumni meetings
  • Directs, coordinates and leads the planning of all activities
  • Assumes the responsibilities for the success of each activity

2. Vice President

  • Assists the president of the Association in all aspects of programme planning
  • Chairs committees or projects as assigned by the president
  • Performs the duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Assists the President with leading and coordinating board meetings
  • Provides leadership and coordination for specific events

3. Secretary

  • Chairs the membership committee
  • Monitors alumni lists and notifies the Alumni Office of any changes
  • Other duties as assigned by president
  • Maintains minutes of the board and Association meeting

4. Treasurer

  • Maintains a bank account in accordance with the Association and the university guidelines
  • Oversees budget and maintains records of all financial transactions
  • Collects and distributes the Association finances (bills, receipts, scholarship fund, etc.)
  • Works with event chairs/President to ensure that events are within the Association’s budget
  • Obtains approval for expenditures from the Association’s board members

5. Membership Coordinator

  • Maintains and updates the Association’s membership database and produces a membership directory
  • Informs the Alumni liaison about the updated alumni contact information on routine basis
  • Welcomes the new members at events or by sending an email on behalf of the Association

5. Media & Liaison Coordinator

  • Works in partnership with the Membership Coordinator to ensure regular correspondence with the Alumni
  • Maintains the Alumni news on social media and Website
  • Creates agendas of the meeting, and recording minutes of the meeting and circulating them among the board members
  • Manages logistics for board meetings
  • Informs Alumni regarding the annual gathering
  • Coordinates, organizes and manages the annual Alumni Reunion/gathering event in coordination with all the board members

Abasyn Alumni Association (AAA) Organogram