Abasyn University Peshawar survey camp to Khanaspur, Ayubia KPK.


The main objective of this survey camp allocated for civil engineering students is to consolidate and update their basic knowledge of different surveying techniques relevant to civil engineering works. Working in actual field conditions enhances their theoretical and practical knowledge and increases their confidence that is beneficial to their professional practice in the near future.

Besides, the main objective mentioned above some other objectives can be listed as:

  • To familiarize individuals with the concept of team work as surveying is not a one-man game
  • To familiarize students with the parts, functions and handling of surveying instruments and their use in surveying
  • To familiarize students with the problems that are likely to arise during the fieldwork. For e.g. Weather, ground features etc
  • To complete the given project in scheduled time and thus gives students a feel of facing and completing deadlines.
  • To collect required data in the field in systematic ways
  • To compute and manipulate the observed data in the required accuracy and present it in diagrammatic and tabular form in such a way that it is understood other engineers easily and gives the layman, an idea of what has been done.

Thus, this Survey Camp was organized to give the students an opportunity to feel the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical work and hence develop a quality in them by virtue of which they will be able to make a link between the two different aspects of engineering education.

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